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Once you have the awareness of what theoretically could be achieved in the spaces you have, the time comes to clash with the reality of the facts and establish a budget to dedicate to the kitchen renovation: only in this way can you understand how and in what way measure you should intervene. It is useless to delude oneself to buy a new kitchen with a central island if you have a few thousand euros available, in this case it will be better to look for a compromise, so that the final result is as close as possible to the one you want.

If we do not have particular problems, the simplest solution is obviously to change everything: scrape the old kitchen and replace it with a new complete one of the latest generation appliances, perhaps even laying new floors and a new wall covering. So let’s see how to do it in these cases, but then we also try to understand what can be done alternatively, if you want to limit expenses.

If you have opted for a radical change, unless you also decide to intervene by redoing everything from scratch (including systems, walls and floors), the time has come to find the ideal shape for your new kitchen and to do so you will have to take into account the space. of which you have, its conformation, its height, the openings present, the positions and the number of existing connections and sockets.

In many cases we opt for the classic in-line solutions, that is, those that develop on a single wall, which are not very invasive and therefore lend themselves perfectly both to be inserted in rectangular rooms and inside the living rooms, but in reality the possibilities are many and one must not preclude any a priori. Then there are kitchens with opposite equipped walls, L or U models, where, however, care must be taken to calibrate the overall dimensions and spaces of use very well; among the most modern solutions it is easy to come across island or peninsula solutions, really beautiful and scenic, but recommended only for those with large and open spaces. On the other hand, there are also many minimal and ultra-compact kitchens, designed for those who need to limit the waste of space to the maximum, some of these even disappear and when not used they disappear from sight!

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